AI Consulting for Digital Transformation

Leverage our AI Consulting Services to take full advantage of the collected data and gain valuable insights that help automate business processes and boost revenue.

The Process

People choose us because we take our process serious

Understanding Requierments, Data & Analytic Capabilities

We evaluate the potential of your existing data, software infrastructure and technology to deploy AI systems and workflows. We discover the right AI technology and tools for bringing improvement.

Building a POC

We do quick PoC and mockups to gather feedback from the stakeholders. & experiment with a small-scale system/MVP to demonstrate the capability of AI technology for your business and analyze the possible improvement to the AI system.


Once all stakeholders see the value and approve the solution, our AI developers and designers launch a live system. We also maintain and provide support for ongoing operations and changes.

Rollout & Evaluation

We reviews the existing workflow, processes and operations to determine if an AI solution can bring efficiency. Once the stakeholders can see the value, then we collect requirements and prepare a roadmap for your project that outlines the project timeline estimate, cost to build an AI app, and deliverables.